About Allied Notary

Michael Morrissey is a practising Barrister and was called as to the Bar in 2008. He was appointed a Notary Public and Commissioned for Life by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in October 2014. Michael has the following qualifications.  
A Diploma in Notary Law and Practice by the Faculty of Notaries Public in Ireland.
A Diploma in Employment law by the Law Society of Ireland.
A Diploma in Technology and I.P. Law by the Law Society of Ireland.

Allied Notary Services provides on call notarial services to solicitors, their clients and members of the public. Michael Morrissey is a Notary Public for the counties of Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and Meath.

Allied Notary Services is located at 47 Manor Grange Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16. For solicitors, if your client cannot attend at our office, we will arrange to attend at your office, or at your client’s premises, at a time convenient to him/her.

Allied Notary Services provides specialist notarial services for adoptive parents. Anyone hoping to adopt a foreign child will need to have their papers, an Adoption Pack, certified by a Notary Public. They also need to bring the notarised Adoption Pack to the Dept. of Foreign Affairs to be Apostilled i.e. certified by the Dept. of Foreign Affairs in accordance with the Hague Convention.